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Our bodies like dams

 A short film set in a handmade, flooding city, this part love-story, part eco-fantasy, imagines a woman’s unexpected metamorphosis in the face of romantic and coastal decay.

Creator/Director/Puppet-builder: Sarah Finn
Director of Photography & Editor: Xuan Liu
Set Designer & Co-Puppet Builder: Karen Loewy Movilla
Sound Designer: Sid Diamond
Dancers/Puppet models: evan ray suzuki and Tam Nguyen

Our bodies like dams (10 minutes),  is a short film made with animation, live-puppetry, miniature sets, and wearable sculpture, to follow a surrealistic narrative of a couple embracing as their apartment floods entirely. A seemingly straight apocalyptic love story, it gradually unfolds into a queer, post-human fantasy. 

The film premiered at The Brick as part the 2023 Exponential Festival. Paired with the premiere was an installation of the film's sets, puppets, and process. 

Installation photos by Lee Rayment.
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