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HOT ROT: a zine-performance project

HOT ROT takes up all that is “rotten” as a devotional and a debt; binding us to ourselves and each other in its subterranean simmer

a three-fold investigation + process edited & created by Eulalia Zigman and Sarah Finn, with dozens of contributors : a serialized zine, live performance, & a soon-to-be virtual commons page

how may we consider decay + resurgence, and the slow, cyclical and innately aggregate process therein? 

we came to this investigation through happenstance encounters with the intimately strange (strangely intimate) material productions of the compost pile and abandoned lot


amidst mass gentrification, forced displacement and a rise to global fascism, HOT ROT is an errant archive of all that ferments under these tidal violences. It is a love letter to the sensual emergence that interstitial de/composition incites

submissions / inquiries / hellos -


The assemblage of works in volume I is in response to four thematic starting points: overgrowth, revelation, reclaimed landscape + (re)commoning. 


What we found through this investigation is what languishes, also moves, drips over its container, burns, hives & renews. That the pile is an undercommons network; one that loosens its grasp on containment and moves into the heat. 

apple-hive videos by kip mcclement
"it must be there" video by tam nguyen

[vol.1] features work by Lillianna Kane, Glenn Potter-Takata, Leo Kay, Leonie Bell, Lauren Reinhard, Peggy Gould, Marion Dumaine, S. Yarberry, Skye Volmar, Catherine Eng, Jonathan González, Kip McClement, Tâm Nguyễn, ludger storcks, Sean Cackoski, mathew carter, Julia Chiapella.




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