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In the woods

where the men work

"Full of totemic presences mingling with the grand folly of our contemporary times."

- Sibyl Kempson

"I have not been able to get the images out of my head. I dare you to experience it."

-Michael Calcott (Prague Fringe 2019)

"This absurdist look at "business-as-usual" is challenging, beautifully crafted and funny."

- Ellen Burgin (Prague Fringe 2019)

In the woods where the men work is a dance-theater play that explores corporate power in the face of environmental catastrophe. A group of businessmen awake in a forest for the trial none of them saw coming. Will there be justice? Rebellion? Revolution? Can their damage be undone? An absurd and surrealist investigation of “business as usual” practices in the face of global destruction, In the woods where the men work features large-scale puppetry, physical theater, and animation.

In the woods where the men work has been performed internationally at the 2019 Prague Fringe, as well as several venues in New York including The Tank, The Hudson Guild Theater and Garner Arts Center. 

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